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 It has become come clear to me that life really begins when we tap into our inner power. It is the center of learning where we grow and evolve to greater awareness. It is within that we can clearly identify early patterns and beliefs that have molded our life's decisions.

Whatever your reason for visiting this site let me put your mind at ease. In choosing hypnotherapy you have made the best choice. I believe in using the very best techniques available. I've seen many peoples lives transformed, yet I am sometimes still surprised by the sheer power of this safe and natural form of treatment. I hope that these pages will help you to gain an appreciation that hypnotherapy is every bit as powerful and effective as you might have hoped, and furthermore, is a completely safe and relaxing process

Hi, my name is Jeri Roraback Contact Information:  916-531-9838  -  powrnu@hotmail.com


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As adults we believe that we are making decisions about our life. In reality our Inner Child is sending us the information to make those decisions.

As Children we are taught that anger is bad, therefore we learn to hide our anger to be good, accepted and loved. But hidden anger usually isn’t that hidden.

By tapping into your Inner Power you will gain knowledge and understanding of your soul purpose here on earth and the goals you set out to achieve. This will give your life profound direction and help you to embody a renewed energy, commitment, and inner strength.

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How does your hidden anger show up?

Do you know what your Inner Child is saying to you?

What is keeping you from your dreams and desires?

How do we create what we desire?

Who or what do you need to forgive? It might surprise you.

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself these questions……