I was moved by the presence of the inner child, I connected with it with every honesty and in her blessings.

I t was amazing and reassuring having discovered there is one sacred self inside of me. I need to trust in my higher self and without this, I am stuck.

The part of forgiveness soothed my heart. In a simplified way you guided me to the consciousness of these important elements, 1. To become playful like a child, 2. To trust my sacred self and let her be my guide, 3. To forgive myself and relieved from all my guilt's.




I am still amazed by the new moon workshop and how much that helped me focus on the issues in my life at the time. When you told me to write down all the things i wanted to have at the next place that i live, I did. And I thought I got some, but now looking back, and having lived here a while, I realize I got everything on the list. That is just the tip of the iceberg in crazy spirit manifestation stories. Things have been manifesting left and right, including the manifestation of some new beautiful people in my life that are on a really similar spiritual wave length, so it's even easier to talk about things like visions and past lives, because it's not strange to them. So thank you again for helping me to access that part of my life. 
Much Love,

Jeri gave me a safe and loving session where she guided me to find again, and even restore a long forgotten part of me. This discovery is a great joy for me and it has also brought me a fresh, more complete attitude toward a chronic health issue. I love working with Jeri and I will certainly call on her again.


I must say that I was really shocked by the fact that I hadn’t realized up until now that I don’t love myself. Jeri’s day class made me realize that you have to love yourself above anything else. That made me feel serene and secure about my future.

Thank you Jeri from the bottom of my heart. I will try and sort it out inside little by little so that my dreams come true.

When I was 15 years old my mother passed away unexpectedly. Throughout the years that followed, I struggled to find peace and let go. All the emotions and feelings of grief consumed my soul. I tried counseling and was treated with antidepressants. While these things helped, they did not rid the black pit that remained in my stomach. Finally, one of the days I feared the most arrived. While most brides are gushing with excitement inside and out, I appeared excited on the outside but the inside wouldn’t let me. Jeri had been talking to me for years about hypnotherapy, but I was always too afraid to face my inside and, in a way, let go of the darkness I carried and lived in for years. After feeling as though I just couldn’t possibly get married without my mom there, I asked Jeri to help me and to perform a session. That session changed my life and finally helped me rid the black pit. After the session, I’d never felt lighter and because of what I discovered in my session, I was able to fully enjoy my wedding planning and all the events that followed. Jeri helped me and carried me through the darkness to find peace and let go through her hypnotherapy session. I am very thankful for the peace that I found as a result of my session.


Hypnotherapy assisted my personal growth and transformation. It has been a tool to go deep within myself. It has opened a door to discovery and awareness. I brought to my awareness what was in my sub-conscious. It was like bringing the unknown to the knowing. It was an awakening to what is holding me back in my life. I have clarity and understanding. I know what is next for me to continue to grow and move forward on my journey of healing and spiritual growth.

"Before I actually spoke to Jeri about doing a Life Before Life session I was nervous. I was really interested, but needed the right person to take this little journey with. Someone who made me feel extremely comfortable. That was Jeri. She is very grounded. Her energy is calm and reassuring. Once I met her I felt like I’d known her for years and could trust her.

I’m a big fan of meditation and already receive regular communication from my guides and angels, yet the experience still had a lot to offer me. The word that comes to me is: Validating. I learned some new things about myself that helped me snap some pieces of my life puzzle into place. This was comforting. If I never had any meditative experience prior to this, I would have found the whole thing fascinating beyond words.

I felt like I was in control the whole time. Yet, I also felt like I was far, far away. It’s very interesting. If you are considering a session, I would highly recommend Jeri. She was very good to me, as well as patient with my many questions."


“ “



Jeri, during your class you spoke about forgiveness and it was actually the word I had in my mind for the past few years, but never had a chance to discuss it in a group. I like the fact that others can express themselves and talk their own experiences. It made me feel not alone. The session gave me the opportunity to spot the matters that preoccupy me. I would like to take part at another session in the future.

I think Jeri is a wise person who helps create confidence in people and makes them feel more self-esteem.

“Thank you for a wonderful LBL session.  It truly made a positive difference in my life.  It’s been over a month since our session but I can still feel the impact of the experience.   I now have a better understanding of my purpose; I have direct contact with my spirit guides; and the intensity of my suffering has dramatically decreased”.

Going to hypnotherapy was on of the best things I have ever done. I really didn’t think it would work, but it did. It opened doors for me, and now I understand why I am the way I am. I would highly recommend this to anybody who has any questions about there past. I was highly enlightened. I’ve never been hypnotized before. I’m just glad that God put Jeri in my path.


To start with I have to say that Jeri is very sweet. She is very easy to talk to and explains everything she does with a simple way.

I felt safe right away to open up and share with her very personal information. I felt completely at comfort with her and all the rest of the group as we were all one.

I feel I took a lot of information for just one day and most importantly I got to meet Jeri. She helped me understand some aspects of my personality, my life and character.

It's been more than a month since I met you. I wanted to share with you the fundamental change happened in my life since then.

I feel happy, focus and calm and have my control over my feelings. I am not un-rested anymore. My relationship with my boyfriend totally changed in a stable and strong way, and I can say it was like a miracle!

I really don't know why and how these happened, but whatever is I am so grateful! …….  Thank you and hope to see you again.



What I felt about our session was that it totally met with my needs and worries at the moment and felt that it helped me put things together. The ingredients I feel I have been carrying within for some time now but haven’t had the “recipe” until now.

So, I leave this room starting “cooking” especially with the forgiveness part that has been blocking many aspects of my life. Thank You Jeri for all your help!


“I have been on a spiritual path for nearly forty years. I am continuously amazed at the beauty and magic that guides my life; finding and  working with Jeri has been truly miraculous for me.

Never having been hypnotized I was unsure of what to expect, yet I knew after one phone conversation that Jeri was the one to facilitate this LBL session for me. She is wise, generous and extremely skillful. I felt completely safe and open with her. I had many things on my list of things to address in my session, with insomnia being on the top of my list, in BOLD letters! I had been suffering with sudden onset insomnia for over 8 years and had tried EVERYTHING! In my heart I knew that it must  have been caused by something deep in my psyche, yet I had not been able to uncover the mystery on my own; I knew I needed expert help. During my session it was reveled what had occurred to trigger the insomnia, as well as a protocol to heal this. That very night brought relief as I slept 7 blissful hours and have continued to have success sleeping peacefully. Hallelujah!

In addition to uncovering the mystery of my insomnia,  We also made direct contact with my spirit guide, with whom Jeri consulted with in great detail, resulting in gaining much clarity about questions I had listed as well as many revelations on topics I had not raised. This was a wonderful surprise, and most intriguing!  

I am so pleased with my time with Jeri and I look forward to working with her in the future,

Thank you Jeri, you are an angel!”