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 It has become come clear to me that life really begins when we tap into our inner power. It is the center of learning where we grow and evolve to greater awareness. It is within that we can clearly identify early patterns and beliefs that have molded our life's decisions.

Whatever your reason for visiting this site let me put your mind at ease. In choosing hypnotherapy you have made the best choice. I believe in using the very best techniques available. I've seen many peoples lives transformed, yet I am sometimes still surprised by the sheer power of this safe and natural form of treatment. I hope that these pages will help you to gain an appreciation that hypnotherapy is every bit as powerful and effective as you might have hoped, and furthermore, is a completely safe and relaxing process

Hi, my name is Jeri Roraback Contact Information:  916-531-9838  -  powrnu@hotmail.com


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Jeri Roraback, Ph.D., Cht.

Certified Master Alchemical Hypnotherapist, Certified Life between Lives Therapist

For over thirty years as a hairdresser I experienced life and the lives of others from literally behind the chair. Those were the days of personal judgments, criticisms, gossip and believing I had all the answers to someone else’s problems and solutions for a better life. While in reality my life was far from perfect. It was a life of failed relationships, ended marriages, and countless automobile accidents almost costing me my life. This was my path of unhappiness. It was in the spring of 1993, feeling like I was lost with no hope, I decided that I must get help. It was truly a turning point in my life. Today, after eleven years of steady personal growth and extensive training I have truly found a new way of life and a powerful way to help others. It has been a remarkable journey exploring many different modalities.


During the early years of working on myself and changing my life I was only focused on helping myself. Then one day while assisting one of my teachers during a Self Awareness Weekend she asked me a very powerful and life changing question. She asked: “How and when are you going to start using all of your knowledge and start helping other people?” Almost without hesitation I said: “Monday, I am going to become a Hypnotherapist”. With that she smiled and said, “Fine, call me when you do that. And I did just that!

For the past four years as a certified Alchemical Hypnotherapist both my work and my life have flourished. I am now helping others worldwide to use their own Inner Power to find answers, their answers not mine.

Using hypnotherapy combined with the knowledge of many different modalities I have seen my clients make powerful changes in their lives, with issues like diabetes, excess weight, phobias of heights, sleeping disorders, back and knee pain, plus many more aches and pains. One of my clients, a lady in Greece who was diagnosed with MS said that after only one session, the fire was gone in her legs and she now needs blankets at night.


I have seen relationships dramatically improve after one or two sessions. One eighty-year-old woman (a former hair salon client) who had stomach problems, even after having her gall bladder taken out, said that after one session she could not believe the immediate relief. My work has also allowed me to help a number of sexual abuse survivors with great success.

My life of the past is now only a shadow, a constant reminder of my true purpose in life. I have found within myself answers and fulfillment to my lifelong passion to travel and help others.


I am now happily married to the man of my dreams and we find ourselves moving towards our goal of working together in this powerful work. With completion of my training as a certified Life between Lives therapist I know I am ready to go to another level of personal fulfillment.