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 It has become come clear to me that life really begins when we tap into our inner power. It is the center of learning where we grow and evolve to greater awareness. It is within that we can clearly identify early patterns and beliefs that have molded our life's decisions.

Whatever your reason for visiting this site let me put your mind at ease. In choosing hypnotherapy you have made the best choice. I believe in using the very best techniques available. I've seen many peoples lives transformed, yet I am sometimes still surprised by the sheer power of this safe and natural form of treatment. I hope that these pages will help you to gain an appreciation that hypnotherapy is every bit as powerful and effective as you might have hoped, and furthermore, is a completely safe and relaxing process

Hi, my name is Jeri Roraback Contact Information:  916-531-9838  -  powrnu@hotmail.com


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How does hypnotherapy work? Hypnotherapy induces a state of deep relaxation which leads to an altered state of consciousness: specifically, a pre-state of consciousness, similar to the feeling we experience just before falling asleep. This state of extreme relaxation - hypnosis - makes it possible for the hypnotherapist to access the subconscious mind, where deeply rooted behaviors and feelings are located. So, the subconscious mind is where, during hypnosis, new behaviors and beliefs can be introduced to replace negative ones. This is possible because in a state of hypnosis, the conscious mind temporarily recedes and loses the control that it normally exerts over us, so we can be addressed issues without interference from the conscious mind and its defenses. So, the hypnotherapist can lead the patient's subconscious mind to focus on the problem at issue in order to introduce new beliefs and instil new habits that will guide the conscious mind and conscious behaviors in place of the old ones.